Blogger Abraham Mutai Exposes Owners of Loft Lounge Club for Violating Curfew Orders

Kenyan blogger Lord Abraham Mutai, better known on Twitter as Its Mutai, has exposed the owners of a prominent nightclub known as The Loft Lounge for breaking the government's curfew orders.

Blogger Abraham Mutai Exposes Owners of Loft Lounge Club for Violating Curfew Orders

Mutai posted a tweet on his page on Wednesday 6th as follows:

“There is a posh club along Thika road called Loft Lounge. The club has been operating past curfew hours into the morning. It's even protected by some local police. Many have been asking who owns the place. Well, here are the owners of this notorious club.”

The blogger also disclosed a list of powerful people who runs the club and have been breaking the ministry of health's curfew orders  from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. to prevent the further spread of Covid 19.

The men behind the Loft Lounge Club who are suspected of breaking curfew orders, according to Lord Mutai`s Expose are as follows:

1. Kenneth Gitunda ( aka Master).

 He is a graduate of Daystar University B.Coms. He runs the show and has invested in various businesses such as real estate, clubs, hotels, security firms, clearing, and forwarding. He is also the Chairman of the team.

2. Derrick Ngumu (Hatchet Man).

He works for intelligence. He is the man behind the petition which took the Supreme Court judges to court after the 2017 elections. It is alleged that on April 5th, 2017 he also did a petition that exposed Raila so that he can’t vie for the presidency.

It is believed that he also managed to extend the primaries nomination for election in 2017 after the chairman of IEBC ( Chebukati ) refused to extend the dates.

3. James Kuria ( aka Kush ).

This is also the owner of the Whiskey River joint. A flashy guy mostly surrounded by flashy women and expensive drinks. He drives high-end cars, his name appears in several companies.

4. Douglas Ngari ( aka Daggy )

He is also the owner of Whiskey River club. The youngest guy on the team who runs daily to daily activities.

5. Boniface Wambugu ( aka Bonkee )
He works for the government but still is part of the ownership of the club.

Lord Mutai's revelation, on the other hand, has elicited varied reactions on social media, with some advising him to ignore other people's side hustles.