Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Kenya News Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How to become a member. 

  • To become a member, please click on Registration 
  • Fill in your details and submit.
  • Within few minutes, your account will get approved and you will be able to write an article

2. How to Upload an Article. 

  1. Visit Website.
  2. On the top bar, click on Add Post
  3. Select your type of story i.e. Article, Gallery, Sorted List, Video etc
  4. On Post Details, Enter Title which should be about 60-80 characters
  5. Leave Slug area empty
  6. Write Main Key words of your article such as Health if you are talking about health issues. Write maximum of three key words
  7. Ensure Visibility is checked show and show right column yes.
  8. On Tags, Copy what you wrote in the keywords area.
  9. Optional URL leave it blank.
  10. On Content Area, Ensure its a minum of 200 words. Plagiarism free and correct grammar. Use grammarly tool to check plagiarism. To add an image inside conent, click on add image button at the top of content area, then browse its location and select it.
  11. On Main Image Post, Upload a good quality image, more preferrably landscape size, and write its source and description on image description e.g Source:, Uhuru Kenyatta Speaking at a function in Kitui
  12. For Additional Images and Files incase they are unavailable, You can leave the sections empty
  13. Select Category, Subcategroy and Submit your Artile.


1. Writers are exected to write a minimum of 5 Articles on a daily basis.

2. All content submitted should be plagiarism free (Original)

3. All content should be a minimum of 200 words

4. 2 to 3 High quality photos should be used. These can be obtained either from,,,

3. Building Article Viewership.

As Bright Kenya News, Will do our part by  sharing your articles to our followers so that it can attain many views. You can also share on your social platforms and with friends to boost the same.


1. The Classic How-To Title / Headline

Such titles deliver huge viewership every time. Its a great way to increase on engagement of your stories. They don’t even necessarily need to start with the words “how to” to be a how to headline. See examples below;

“How to Have a Healthier and More Productive Home Office

” How To Change Your Life For The Better – 33 Things You Can Do”

“10 Step To Successfully Outsourcing Your Online Business”

“21 Ways to Dominate Youtube: The Ultimate Guide”

“15 Website Content HacksA-List Bloggers Use To Create Viral Content”

"Identify and Solve a Problem Titles"
One of the best ways to get new readers is toidentifyand solve a problem with trigger words. See Examples below.

“6 Instant Confidence Boosters”

“Parenting Guru: From Chaos to Access”

“Gene Breakthrough Restores The Sight Of People With Inherited Eye Disease And Could Save Thousands From Blindness”

3. The Make a Statement Headline.

Sometimes we get writer’s block and can’t think of a clever headline… This is where making a direct statement is the easiest and most effective way to engage your reader. Have a look at these examples;

“Before you buy an electric car: 21 Things You Should Know”

“Tips That Show Anybody How To Make Money Online – Guaranteed”

“Thousands Already Make Millions Online And So Can You”

4. Strike a Note of Controversy.

It has been reported that controversy sells alot. Have a look at examples below:

“Why All Guys Cheat, Fresh Insight”

“Which One Deserves To Die?”

“10 Reasons Civilization May Collapse Because Of Organic Foods…”

5. Question Titles

They are one of the best ways to engage your readers. Have a look.

“Are You Too Clever For Success?”

“Want To Immediately Reverse All Your Health Issues?”

“Six Types Of Investors – Which Group Are You In?”

6. Headlines that Offer Explanations.

Explanatory headlines make things instantly clear to readers by doing exactly what the name suggests, explaining something. Have a look at Examples.

“How I Doubled My Money With Facebook Ads”

“For At Risk Youths, Learning Digital Media Is A Luxury”

“New Shampoo Leaves Your Hair Smoother – Easier to Manage”

7. Use of 'Finality' Headlines

Another way to generate interest is by using finality style (power) words like ultimate, best, exclusive, only, guaranteed et cetera. Here are examples.

“The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online”

“Every Internet Entrepreneur Regrets Not Doing This Sooner”

“This Blog Post Will Make You More Money Guaranteed”

8. Craft a Top List.

Numbers normally grab attention and tell your audience you’re an authority. It lets them know you have something specific, concrete and real to offer them. See examples.

“24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites”

“5 Ways to Make More Money Online – Even If You’re Just Starting Out”

“Top 10 Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid”

4. Earnings.

According to our policies. Every Writer Earns Ksh. 80 for every 500 views generated on the site. This can be visible on your dashboard when you login on our system. These are paid on a monthly basis. 

5. Minimum amount to be paid is Ksh. 1000

6. Queries or Concerns.

Please Email for queries and concerns.

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