How To Achieve A Healthy Heart

How to take care of your heart

How To Achieve A Healthy Heart

Rsearch has it that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are among the deadliest diseases in the world;  at least 1 of 3 deaths are heart- related. In countries such as the Philippines, 500,000 deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases. 

Heart attacks and strokes are a combination that are mostly the risk which leads to death. The cause of such may include Physical inactivity, hypertension, use of alcohol and tobacco, unhealthy diet, high levels of cholestral and diabetes.

To achieve a healthy heart, you might consider the following;

  • Avoid Tobacco; After quitting tobacco, the victim might take at least  15 years for his heart to be like of a non- smoker
  • Increase your physical activities; Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy heart. 
  • If overweight, reduce your weight; Obesity, (which is body mass above 25) is the most popular heart disease.  
  • Regular medical check- ups; It is good to visit a doctor once in a while to be checked, especially on blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Avoid alcohol intake. 

Characteristics of a healthy heart includes;

  • Blood pressure; A healthy heart`s blood pressure is usually below 120/ 80 mm Hg. 
  • Heart Rate;   healthy heart rate for adults vary between 60 and 100 eats per minute. The heart beats may increase due to exercise, anxiety, medications and even stress.
  • Cholesterol; High levels of cholesterol which is brought about by either genetically or by consuming too much oils could be a danger to your heart. For adults, cholesterol levels above 200mg/ dl  are dangerous while for children (17 years and younger), the level of cholesterol should not exeed 170mg/dl
  • Recovery rate; After an exercise, a heart whose rate decreases faster is considered healthy while that which takes time to regain its normal beat is concidered unhealthy.

To test how muh healthy your heart is while at home, consider simple activities such as stair climbing, running, cycling and other minor exercises. By this, take not of your heartbeat and how much time you will maintain the activities. If you dout yourself, it is best to consider a medical check up.