Am I Ready For Marriage?

Things To Consider Before settling into marriage.

Am I Ready For Marriage?

A lot of people only consider age as a marriage factor. The belief that there has to an age gap not less than 5 years. That the man shold be older than a woman. Though most families have adopted this and has worked, early marriages have also worked, there are still instances where the woman is older and things still worked. However, there is more to age before one considers to settle into marriage. 

The question of financial stability is a factor that is highly considered for men. With the current generation, it is obvious that both genders should get out of their comfort zone and work for themselves before settling in.  You should at least build something for yourself before allowing someone into your life. 

What is it that you are looking in a relationship? Most marriages ends up failing because people want spaces to heal from past relationship, others are escaping family scandals and some just want someone to keep them company in life. With such a mentality, you are only creating a situationship instead of a marriaage. Instead, you should be looking for a partner. Make sure that your relationship is not meant to heal you but to build you.

Marriage is a lifetime investment and requires submisiveness and hardwork. Before settling, you should set your mind to waking up to the same person everyday. Be ready to communicate with your partner even in things that may seem little. Marriage means you have to have to put your needs second and at times even not consider yourself at all. 

How is your partner treating you? While still dating, take note of the small staff. How do they react when they are angry? How do they treat you around their friends? What mattaers do they discuss with you?  A partner whom you are going to build a life with should treat you with value and should be transparent with you