Here Are the Different Types of Dating in the Present Era

Dating is a type of romantic courtship in which two people assess each other's suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. Dating can often lead to friendship, any level of an intimate relationship, marriage, or even no relationship at all.

Here Are the Different Types of Dating in the Present Era

It's difficult nowadays to know what your friends mean when they say they're "talking to a new guy" or "hanging out with a new girl".

In the present era, there are no rules for dating anymore; instead, people can finally move at their own pace, following the natural progression of events.

With the fast growth of internet connection in the world, people have gradually developed a habit where the internet has facilitated communication to the point where relationships begin entirely online and the couple does not meet until they have already begun "dating."

Here are the most common types of dating in the present age:

  1. Experimental dating.

This type of dating involves an individual getting into a relationship with the other for adventurous purposes.

There are also no long-term relationship goals, only goals for self-discovery and self-improvement. It could imply dating someone who is organized and responsible, or it could imply dating someone who is carefree and spontaneous.

      2. Dating for marriage

This type of dating aims at partners having to get married at some point in their lives. It is an old type of dating which is also termed the 'norm'. Marriage-oriented dating is frequently monogamous and structured with rules specific to each couple. In the current era, this type of dating has declined and changed.

     3. Fun dating

Just as the name goes, this type of dating involves fun and enjoyment for both parties. There's no commitment, no pressure, and no rules. As many term it 'No strings attached'. The goal of this type of dating is to enjoy the moment that you and your partner have.

      4. Open dating

This type of dating involves individuals who have agreed to see each other and also to see other people. Individuals are not tied to one partner. For this to work, both people must share the same life goals of wanting to see others.

      5. Sexual dating

This type of relationship involves individuals interested in one thing: sexual encounters. They are looking for sexual fulfillment in their lives.

     6. Exclusive dating

Exclusive means that you are the only person dating your partner. This is the type of dating relationship for serious people who only want to see each other.