How Do I Know I Have To Leave This Relationship?

Signs That It Is Time To Call It Quits In A Relationship

How Do I Know I Have To  Leave  This Relationship?

As much as love is the core unit in a relationship, there comes a time, or situation that makes one feel out of place. Most of the times the reason to leave may seem petty but letting things sit will pile and eventually turn ugly. Knowing when to walk out regardless of the time and money you have invested in a relationship would help to even save your whole life. Factors that are a sign to leave include;


A toxic partner will normally find a way to pin faults. They will always want to appear holy and never wrong. It is the most difficult relationship to walk out of, especially when your partner keeps making you feel guilty of the decisions you make. 


Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. When the foundation is shaken, then the relationship is only based on literally nothing. 

You will notice that your partner does not trust you when they keep qustioning your actions or decisions. 


Being open to your partner about your past life may save your relationship- rather than when they find out on their own. However, when your partner start using your past information against you, there is no level of respect in that. 


The one expectation in a relationship is to be appreciated and feel valued. Small acts such as gifts and emotional talks or better still, having someone who understands you and puts you before themselves. When your partner can not stand up for you, such as from their families, or spend most of their time with their friends or even worse still, they barely listen to you, mean that they do not consider you as their partner and neither do they value you in their lives.