Texas Shooting

More Deaths Recorded at the Texas Shootings

Texas Shooting
Texas Mall Killings. Source; BBC World

Three children are among those who have succumbed to the Texas shootings. Among the identified was two elementary school children, three- year- old boy and his parents and a young engineer from India.  James Cho together with his parents;  Cho Kyu Song and Kang Shing Young all died. His younger brother, 6, was the only survivor from the family.

The three children were among the 8 who were killed. Reports have it that the Cho family were at the Mall outlet to exchange the 6- years- old`s clothes that he had received for his birthday before the tragedy befell them. 

"An afternoon that would have been filled with light, love and celebration but was unfortunately was cut short by the mass shooting," close family and friends lamented. 

In addition, Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, Primary school children, were among those who also got killed. Their mother is receiving treatments and is in a critical condition.

The suspected attacker wore an insignia which has been associated with hate groups and combat tactical groups. His clothing had the letters RWDs, which stands for 'Right Wing Death Squad.'