Events Kate Actress has Pulled Out with Elegant Outfits

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, is a Kenyan actor who is well known for her stunning looks, particularly at red-carpet events. Kate recently left Kenyans speechless after being named one of the best-dressed Kenyan celebrities at the WakandaForever East Africa premiere on November 10.

Events Kate Actress has Pulled Out with Elegant Outfits

Speaking during an interview with one of the media personalities in Kenya, Kate Actress revealed that before appearing for an event, she spends at least Kshs. 100,000 to appear for an event. The budget caters for her outfits, stylists, transport, and all other costs that come along for her to show up for the event.

The queen of fashion has been known to dress up for events and has never disappointed her fans. Here are some events in that Kate has stunned her fans with her outfits.

1. Black Panther East Africa Premiere

This is the recent event where Kate Actress stole the show with her stunning outfit. Kenyans and people from other countries applauded her as she matched out for the event. The event also saw a number of various Kenyan celebrities dressed in different outfits.

Kate Actress during the Black Panther premiere. TWITTER

2. The Bridgerton Affair Premiere in South Africa

In a recent interview, Kate revealed that when she went to South Africa for the premiere, she hired her dress at kshs. 50,000. Kate was invited to South Africa for a lavish event known as The Bridgerton Affair. The event was a parody of the Netflix show Bridgerton.
Kate, the only artist from East Africa, did not hesitate to admit that she deserved the recognition and honor.

Kate Actress during the Bridgerton Affair. PHOTO FILE

“I have worked for it my whole life. This is what have always wanted to achieve and I feel honored, and humbled and I think I need to stop playing small. I deserve these things because I have worked for them,” she stated.

3. Launching of her lip care products, Humba cosmetics

Kate Actress recently launched her business where lip care products are sold. During the event, various Kenyan celebrities came out dressed for the event including her husband, director Phil.

Kate Actress. INSTAGRAM

4. launch of the Justice Served Premier

Kate Actress during the official launch of the Netflix Original series Justice Served.

Kate Actress and other celebrities. INSTAGRAM

5. Nice & Lovely Brand Ambassador Unveiling

Kate also landed an ambassadorial job with the Nice and Lovely company where she mostly advertises the beauty products that the company has. During the event, Kate matched out wearing a green elegant cinderella dress.

Kate Actress. INSTAGRAM

Kate Actress. INSTAGRAM

These are just a few events that Kate Actress has killed the show with her amazing outfits.