Artefacts That are believed To Bring Prosperity When Placed in Home and Businesses

Artifacts are objects that are made by a person such as a tool or decorations especially one that is of historical interest.

Artefacts That are believed To Bring Prosperity When Placed in Home and Businesses
Buddha statue artefact photo courtesy

Have you asked yourself why some  places have numerous artefacts? Here is why people displace different artefacts in their homes and businesses.

Bowl of fruit

A citrus bowl of pomegranate or delicious grapes look quite can be placed in home to ward bad luck, rather attract prosperity and positive energy. These are Chinese symbols for fertility, and can enhance sexual health. Give it try and you will not regret it.

Chirping Crickets

No one wants chirping cricket in the housekeeping you all up all night, but don't be too quick to get rid of it. That noisy cricket would be a sign of good things to come. It's is believed that crickets represent wealth and good luck and their visits remind us to be happy.

Charmed by Elephants

Elephants are widely renowned as well to be of things that bring good luck as huge as they can be. It is also a symbol of wisdom and strength in some cultures. Can serve good luck charms and help in giving you and your family added protection.

Fish Bond

Fish and water element both represent good fortune, Prosperity and abundance. Fish symbolize abundance and prosperity. Homeowners who don't want an aquarium can opt for goldfish instead, its gold color represents fortune.


Horses are symbols of fire, recognition, fame and spoils of victory. It will bring your attention to the people who can help you more ahead of your career.

The horse is prized for promoting upward movement and personal promotion, pace, and a statue of victory, put a horse on top of your desk to attract game.

Peacock feathers

Worried about violence, break-ins or robbery? peacock feathers in your car will not protect you from break-in but also protect against car accidents.

Wealth Buddha

Large smiling Buddha seen in Chinese restaurants is commonly thought of as a Buddha of wealth and is there to bring good Business and financial success to the establishment.

Businesses people should place a budda on their desks or their offices to help them bring abundance to workplace.