Gospel Artist Kambua Mourning Her Newborn's Death

Kambua's marriage has been faced with a lot of turmoils especially when the couple stayed for seven years before welcoming a baby of their own in 2019.

Gospel Artist Kambua Mourning Her Newborn's Death
Singer Kambua. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Not so long after she gave birth, the renowned gospel artist Kambua's heart is heavy with tears. Through social media, Kambua lamented how she lost her angel to complications arising from the delivery process.

The singer noted how medics tried all they could to save their newborn, but at last, God decided to heal the little boy by taking him away from pain.  

The singer stated how their late infant will always remain in their hearts, adding that although days ahead may be darker, only God knows how to enable them to sail through.

The singer further added that despite her loss, God remained her only solace. She was hopeful that God would take away her sorrow and grief, and comfort her.

However, the artist called upon the public to grant her family time and space to mourn their fallen infant. The singer made it public in October 2020, about her second pregnancy. 

Through her Instagram, she could not keep calm narrating how God had remembered her once again by enabling her to conceive her second child. 

"...Just when I thought you had done too much! You did it again!" stated the perplexed singer. 

Together with her spouse Jackson Mathu, the duo welcomed their firstborn Nathaniel in 2019, after several years of childless marriage.