Know Your Star: Wakio Mzenge

Wakio Mzenge Is an award- winning voice, stage and screen actor and film director.

Know Your Star: Wakio Mzenge
Actress Wakio Mzenge

Wakio Mzenge is majorly known for her screen roles. She, however, is more than that. she is an award- winning voice, stage and screen actor and film director with a 10 years experience.  Wakio is among Kenya`s pride known for her craftmanship and her love for what she does.  Adding to her list of achievements, Wakio was chosen as the Ambassador for Kenya International Theater Festival 2023.

Among her lead roles include;

  • Showmax` County 49 as governor Nerimah
  • NTV`s series as Maria
  • MNET`s Award Winning Series- Selina 
  • KTN`s drama series my two wives 

She graduated from a story telling workshop by ArtXchange in 2021 and her  graduation performance was selected to be showcased at the culture and creativity for Sustainable Develoment conference . This made her to be selected as one of the 20 participants from Africa and Europe in the 12- day ArtXchange residency in Rome, Italy. 

In addition, Wakio`s voice has been part of world projects such as

  • Women of the world docu- series
  • Deutsche Welle`s learning by ear series
  • Anzilisha maternety Health project 
  • BOMAS at 50(2021) documentary: both script and voice
  • EAC Infrastructure Documentaries 
  • Better World Educational videos by discovery learning

As a Bachelor of Education graduate, Wakio has dedicated her time to teaching performance skills and sharing her vast experiencein both virtual and in- person masterclass sessions at KCA University and Voice Actors league of Kenya (VALK). 

In 2022, she started the Mtaani Mentorship and Accountability Initiative to mentor the next generation of actors.