How Do I Spend My 2Os?

Ways to avoid wasting your 20s

How Do I Spend My 2Os?
How Do I Spend My 20s?

Being a youth at your 20s, whether early or late 20s can be really confusing. You are in college, or out enjoying the world, or you are trying to hustle and make money.

Basically, being a 20s youth means finding a path for your self. For instance, this is when you know your dream career will take forever before it yields and you have to look for an alternative. At times, you feel like you have all the time in the world and you should explore and enjoy. Or you are just there, trying to figure things out.

Trying to find your truest self and pupose can be the most challanging decision to make, that is why most youths around this age will give in to peer pressure. They admire a soft and complete life like those of their peers. They want to use a 'short cut' up. They want to get things the easy way. 

Invest in yourself at this early age. All this time you think you have, explore on your strengths and make something out of it. Learn new skills that would benefit you. Be ahead of your self by endulging in activities that will be of benefit to you.

Learn from your peers. Let them tell you the steps up and be patient enough to learn. Youths are running away from learning the basics. Until you are ready to learn, you are not ready to earn. The thing with wanting to jump to the results is one fact that leads youths astray.

Listening is a skill and the sooner you master it, the better for you. Not all things are learnt by looking, most are through listening. There is a difference between hearing and listening. With listening, you learn and you benefit from the lesson.

Experience is not always the best teacher. As a youth, don`t wait until it happens to you so that you learn. Observing is also learning. Learn from those who have been through the same road as you.

Have goals and aspirations. As much as you want to go out with friends and enjoy the world for 'no one knows about tomorrow',  you do not want to wake up 15 years later with no job, no experience, no CV, just pictures of people who had connections. Balance the time you give out and the one you use for your growth.

Keep your circle small. If you find that your friends are not of benefit, why be the loser? It is better you have two friends that are of benefit than 100 who do not add value to you.

Create a network. Connect with people who will make an impact in your life. Attatch yourself with people who are genuinely doing better in life, that is one way of being ahead.