India Offers Uganda More Scholarship.

Indian Investors has offered 250 scholarships to Ugandan students in addition to the 5000 scholarships the Indian government offers to African students annually.

India Offers Uganda More Scholarship.
Jain University India. Photo: source

The Indian government offers at least 5000 scholarship to African students. It has furthered its hand to an additional 250 scholarships to the Ugandan students who passed their 2022 UACE. The scholarships are applied through the Ministry of  Education and Sports in Uganda.

Permanent secretary at the minisry of education, Ms.Ketty Lamaro said they are going to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with Jain University Bangalore India in consultation with the Atorney General on how to work together. She has promised to work with the Ugandan Government and Cultural Institutions to improve the lives of the poor in Uganda.

Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs has appreciated Jain University for the scholarships. The University has over 100 students from Uganda. It has existed in the last 30 years.

Ms.Ketty has thanked  the Royal Majesty, Maria Leonora Torres , Queen of Maharlika and Princes of Colrbarzon from the Philippines for bringing investors to Uganda.