Apple iOS 16 Unveils Its New Features

Apple's next major iPhone operating system, iOS 16, made a big splash at WWDC 2022, the company's annual developer conference. The preview was pre-filmed and streamed online, as well as for a small audience on the lawn of Apple Park, the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The iPhone users will experience the following features:

1. New Messages Feature

First, in iOS 16, you will be able to edit sent messages. So, if you notice a typo after sending a message, you'll be able to edit it later. Under the message, a tiny "edited" appears in the status.

Messages also allow you to delete sent messages as well as mark them as unread. SharePlay sessions can be launched directly from the Messages app, and a new Shared With You API allows developers to incorporate shared experiences into their apps.


The new Messages feature will also allow you to immediately recall a sent message. If you accidentally sent an unfinished message, you can use the Undo Send tool to prevent it from being read and, hopefully, to appear less chaotic to your friends and family.


2. Lock screen feature

A brand-new, fully customizable Lock Screen lets users change a variety of design elements, such as type styles and colors, for a more personalized look. Apple claims that there are millions of possible design combinations for the new Lock Screen, which includes a row of widgets. Users can set up multiple Lock Screens and easily switch between them by swiping.

Notifications now appear at the bottom of the screen and can be easily hidden, allowing users to focus on their personalized Lock Screen. Live Activities make it easier to keep track of events in real-time, such as when listening to music or working out, directly from the Lock Screen.


3. Family Sharing feature

Family Sharing includes more convenient ways to manage accounts for children, such as faster ways to set age-appropriate restrictions and set up new devices.

There is a simplified device setup experience with parental controls with Quick Start, Screen Time requests in Messages, and a Family Checklist feature that reminds users to review parental controls, among other things.

This among other new features will add up to an iOS that, on the surface, appears to be new and modern. iOS 16 is expected to be released this September alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 14 and will be compatible with iPhone 8 and later.

The WWDC keynote came shortly after the release of iOS 15.5 on May 16, which included updates to Apple Cash, Photos Memories, and the Podcasts app. Apple also recently released a developer beta for iOS 15.6, which currently lacks any major new features and appears to be primarily focused on bug fixes.