Parents, Are You Ready for Your Kids?

Kids Are Expected to Come home for Midterm Next Week

Parents, Are You Ready for Your Kids?
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The calender for Education has gone back to normal this year. The kids will now be coming home for midterm break. The normal academic calendar has a  running school term of three months. The calendar started earlier this Year and will end In November after the National Exams.

 The academic calender had been disrupted by the strike of Corona Virus where the kids had to suspend learning in 2020. Following this, two national exams have been done for the past two years with a class barely completing one academic year.  

Teachers and parents had to cooperate and find better ways to catch up with studies such as online reading. The television and radio networks in the country also came in handy as they also brought teachers to teach through their channels. However, there were rural areas that did not benefit from the programs since they could not access the channels. In their support, the previous exams mainly covered works from previous classes. 

This year is expected to be different as students will cover most of their academic works. 

Parents are advised to emphasize revision even with the kids at home. Some kids are reluctant to do revision at home when there is little or no supervision from the busy parents.