14 Suspected Criminal Gang Members Detained In Kakamega

Police have detained 14 men who they suspect are connected to the notorious criminal organization that has been terrorizing residents of Kakamega County in the last two months.

14 Suspected Criminal Gang Members Detained In Kakamega

Their arrest took place following a two-day thorough operation in the region from Sunday, November 20, by a team of KPS and DCI police security forces to rid the streets of gangsters and vandals.

Ten suspected members of the ring were flashed out and taken to Kakamega Police Station. Four more suspects were apprehended on Monday in various areas throughout the township after being questioned by investigators.

The operation resulted in the recovery of three getaway motorcycles, metal bars, blood-stained machetes, clothing, and other devices, including mobile phones.

The group allegedly started out two months ago, attacking night guards who watch the markets and late-night bars. Police said that the group engaged in horrifying activities including mutilating and killing their victims but they did not rob people.

Between October and November, there were around 10 cases of murder and major assaults connected to the group with three of the homicides taking place between November 17 and November 19.

On November 17th, 58-year-old John Mulama, a security guard at Club 2000 in Kambi Somali, was attacked and killed there, and then his assassins continued to the Amalemba bus Stage where they also killed 59-year-old Festo Iluma, a watchman at DEE's Pub.

Patrick Kipkosgei, 24, a fifth-year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology, was killed in cold blood on the night of November 19 by the alleged gang.

Additionally, Isaiah Kiprono, a first-year student at the same university, escaped an attack with multiple wounds that same night after the machete-wielding gang attacked him as they broke down his door.

The organization "Mbogi La Izraim Territory," according to preliminary investigations, was established to exact revenge on three robbery suspects who had been cornered and subjected to mob punishment by members of the public previously.

The watchmen, who the gang suspects have information on them, had become their main targets.

As per orders by Kakamega Law Courts, the 14 suspects are being detained by the detectives for 21 days while investigations continue.