A Psychological Death: Get to Know the Symptoms and Stages

Psychological death occurs when one has accepted his own death and starts withdrawing from others. He or she dislikes social gatherings, they even plan on their funerals.

1. Let's keep Covid-19 stories aside for a moment and discuss on psychological death.

Let's keep Covid-19 stories aside for a moment and discuss on psychological death.

Some patients die of psychological death while in hospital, especially those suffering severe illnesses such as cancer. We rarely notice someone undergoing psychological death or rather notice during its last stage. A Psychological Death occurs when the person begins to accept their death and to withdraw from others psychologically. The person avoids social gatherings. It's a result of depression caused by different factors like loss of a loved one, social media embarrassment, fear of succumbing to some diseases, etc. In our daily activities and interaction, we are likely to get stressed by different issues but how we maneuver them matters. There are many who have succumbed to psychological death unknowingly while those who notice have less control over it. However, there's always a solution for everything, the doctors can help the individual recover. It's good to care for your mental health. 

How Can You Notice Someone Undergoing a Psychological Death?

  1. Trouble falling asleep or oversleeping.
  2. Having heart attacks, lung or stomach problems are symptoms of depression too.
  3. Feeling worn out to carry out normal day-to-day activities.
  4. Regular muscle pain.
  5. Loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea are likely to occur since our brains and digestive systems are strongly connected.
  6. Having a migraine.
  7. Weight gain or weight loss can be a result of changes in appetite. Some depressed individuals tend to eat more while others eat very less or not at all.
  8. Lack of interest in sex, some of the drugs used in treating depression can cause this. It leads to poor performance.

2. Psychological death  has five stages which are:

Psychological death  has five stages which are:

  • Denial - in this stage the patient doesn't accept the reality.
  • Anger- they tend to be furious often.
  • Bargaining- in this stage the patient tends to negotiate on everything, they feel so right.
  • Depression - the symptoms of depression become visible in this stage.
  • Acceptance - in this stage one has already accepted their death. Some go ahead to plan on their funerals and give their shares to the family members or charity. The worst is when hearing cases of someone committing suicide; while others kill their husbands/ wife and children, then later commit suicide.

If you notice you have any of the above symptoms, it will be wise to see a psychologist. Exercise regularly too; it's said that exercise releases some chemicals to the brain which act as a pain reliever and mood booster.