Depression and Vulnerability; What we want to hear Vs What We Should Hear

Depression and Vulnerability

Depression and Vulnerability; What we want to hear Vs What We Should Hear
How you are taken advantage of while depressed

From the series of events happening in Kenya, most cases are rotating around depression leads to vulnerability.

A common story is during the elections. The same leaders you have been complaining about will entice you with sweet words or Ksh.200 and at times a 2kg maize flour. They will do this to blind yo and of course, you will fall for it, go and vote for them and start the same story until their period is over. 

This is the same tactic being used by the religious leaders,. Normally, they are the first people you think of while seeking help or advice or both. When your marriage is not going well, you will call your pastor. If you are stressed, you will  call them. 

At this time, you are ready to do whatever they ask you to, and, oblivous to the dangers ahead, youb follow them. It is human to tell someone what they want to hear based on their current issue. This is exactly what religious leaders are using and because they tell you what you want to hear, you buy it, and you become their subjects. 

Research has it that you probably had ideas laid down, things you could do to get yourself moving, the small steps you would take. It has also been revealed that the solutions o seek help from these pastors  is always referrals by friends.

The best way to deal with stress is first, walk away, find peace and unwind. Ignore anything that reminds you of the problem. There is always power in 'alone places'. You should not, however, wait until things get rusty before dealing with things. It might be draining. Learn to deal with small issues before they pile, they might overbudden you