Where To Buy Land/ Plot in Kenya

Incase You are thinking of investing in Kenya, here are some directives that would be of help.

Where To Buy Land/ Plot in Kenya
Plot and land map.

Purchasing a piece of land, not only in Kenya can be hectic. You must first know what you want to do with the land; is it or farming, or do you want to build. And even if it is building, do you want to build a restaurant, office spaces or residential houses. Buying land has been made easier by real estate agencies and financial institutions. However, you should also have knowledge about the area you are interested in.

Before you settle consider such factors as security, water, roads, electricity, nearness to schools and hospitals  and the legal state of the land.

These are among the counties that are most preferred when purchasing land in Kenya;


It one of Kenya`s fastest growing city. Most people will consider investing in Nakuru for commercial purposes due to the infrastructure expansion. To top it, most government functions are held in Nakuru, which supports businesses in the county.



It is located at the heart of Mombasa county and the beauty of the county. Diani  is best to invest for commercial puposes because of the numbers of tourists visiting.



When talking about land fertility, consider Nyeri as the first option. It is widely known for tea and coffee farming, hence a rich soil with favorable climates for the same. Most investors chose Nyeri for Agricultural purposes.



It is known for vast Agricultural practices. The soil supports growth of different products such as bananas, maize and what it is popularly known for- Miraa. The growth at which its investment demand is rising makes it an even better option.



Most investors consider Kiambu county for its nearness to the country`s headquarters –Nairobi. It is the most preferred county in terms of investment since it offers both commercial and agricultural opportunities. It has various DCI headquarters which assures for security, the county is surrounded by modern roads which favors transport for agricultural products as well as residential areas.


Affordability of land in Isiolo has made it preferable. The county stands a good growth rate especially for commercial activities which is boosted by the infrastructure developments. It is among the places that an investor can expect high returns.


The construction of the Northern bypass has attracted more investors interested in the area. It would be best for commercial purposes.  It is also among most affordable places to own land in Kenya.



The area`s population boosts trading in the area. For this, investors would prefer it for residential and commercial reasons. It is also near the cost, the heart of tourism, hence more advantage.



It has been ranked as the most demanded towns in Kenya with among the best infrastructure in the country. Most real estates and private investors are considering Naivasha  for its profitability.


Once you have identified your area of interest, be the one to view the land personally but the most important factor to consider is availability of a Title deed.