A Strong Brain

Why You Should Not Stop Learning

A Strong Brain
a brain working out
A Strong Brain

For a healthy body, you will need to eat clean and well-balanced meals. You will need to protect yourself from illnesses and maintain high standards in your hygiene.

For a healthy social life, you will need to carefully choose the people you associate with and create boundaries, ensuring that the wrong crowd doesn’t get in to ruin your peace..

For a healthy mind, you will need to keep feeding it. And feed it the right materials. By keeping your kind busy and engaged, you strengthen it. By doing so, you reduce the rate at which it deteriorates making yourself less susceptible to memory issues.

Think of your brain as a part of your body that requires constant exercise, otherwise it might atrophy and die.

Brain exercise involves learning. Learning doesn’t only mean reading.

It includes teaching yourself a new skill, let’s say woodwork, painting or even photography. It also includes spending time with people who know more than you do and by associating with them, you find yourself gaining knowledge.

  • Learning will keep your brain young.
  • Researchers have said that people with a higher risk of Dementia and Alzheimer should keep their brains active to slow down the process.
  • There is no expiry date or deadline to learning.
  • There will always be something new for you to learn.
  • Pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavor.
  • The day you stop learning, it is the day you die.

As you are working out your limbs and running five kilometers a day, eating lean meats and keeping your body hydrated, do not forget to feed your mind. Keep your brain active for an optimal life.