Elsa Majimbo Flaunts Her New Ride

Elsa Majimbo, a Kenyan comedian, took to Twitter to share a photo of her new ride, which she recently purchased, and expressed her joy at her new accomplishment.

Elsa Majimbo Flaunts Her New Ride

Elsa's car is a black Tesla model. Elsa shared her photo with the car on her timeline with the caption.

Majimbo's ride. TWITTER

Her fans have gone ahead to congratulate her on the new achievement that she has made. Here are some screengrabs of what they said.

Elsa's achievement comes just a few months after she stated that she will never return to Kenya because of her relationship with Kenyans. Elsa revealed that Kenyans trolled her especially when she started her comedy career.

"I have a very complicated relationship with Nairobi. When things started going on well for me there was a lot of backlash to me and there were a lot of colorist things said towards me surprisingly it's people from Kenya who were doing that and they were bullying me on the internet," she stated.

"They were hell-bent on my failure and it was so absurd. When the whole world was cheering me on Kenya was praying for my downfall so when I got the chance I packed my bags and I left. I'll go to see my family but I left and I'm never going back," she added.