Eric Omondi Congratulates Bien Moments After Clashing

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, who is well-known for always having a beef with Kenyan artists, particularly Sauti Sol's Bien, congratulated him today on the step he took moments after boarding a flight to Dubai.

Eric Omondi Congratulates Bien Moments After Clashing
Sauti Sol's, Bien & Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi went on to recognize Bien as a good student sharing his Instagram story while he was on a flight to Dubai, where he was reportedly in the VIP class. Bien was seen in the video sipping a glass of wine in the company of Nviiri the Storyteller and other of his friends.

"Bien is a very good student. He is taking my lessons very seriously, always attentive in class. This is what I am talking about! Demand VIP treatment, demand VIP payment. Good boy," Eric stated.

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This comes moments after Sauti Sol's Bien slammed Eric Omondi for comparing Kenyan artists to International artists. 

The beef emerged when 30 Kenyan local artists performed in the  Oktoberfest concert on October 29 at the Ngong Racecourse. Eric Omondi who had been seen pushing artists to pull out for such a concert went silent after the event happened and many artists and netizens came out to accuse him of being a complainer and not supporting Kenyan artists.

Eric was seen defending himself stating that Kenyan artists need to do much better in the music industry as many concerts that had happened in Kenya involved many foreign artists and Kenyan artists needed to pull up their game.

Omondi also lamented that there were many Kenyan artists performing at Oktoberfest and charging less free compared to foreign artists who went ahead to charge more for Kenyans to attend their concerts. According to him, Wanjiku Kimani, professionally known as Femi One would not have performed at the event where Nigerian musician Tiwa Savage was launching her lipstick brand in Kenya.

Here's what Sauti Sol's Bien said.

Many Kenyans have come out to critic the Kenyan music industry, especially after the event that went down on Saturday 29, Oktoberfest.