Government Vs Azimio La Umoja Protest

The government may take measures against the Azimio la umoja protest across the country.

Government Vs Azimio La Umoja Protest
Government vs Azimio

Azimio La Umoja`s ongoing protest may force the government to tighten security. This comes after a chaotic ending of what started as a peaceful protest in Kisumu town.  The president, H.E William Ruto has dared the Azimio to partake in their Monday`s Mega protest. 

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has predicted doom over the Azimio leader Raila Odinga after he called for mass action, saying thatthis may mark Raila`s final political downfall. 

"Hon Raila`s countrywide demonstrations are his last rollof dice to extort something out of President William Ruto. This time, he will meet his waterloo and will spend his last miserable days in Saint Helena," Ahmednasir said. Saint Helena is an island in the south AtlanticOcean believed to be where French military commander Nepoleon Bonaparte stayed inexile till he died.

On Thursday last week, Raila launched the Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD) and has had its supportes on different streets protesting as they await for Monday 20th for the mass action