Kenya Adopts New Aviation Regulations

Kenya will now adhere to the Montreal Protocol of 2014, which was enacted to improve nations' ability to stop the escalation of events involving disruptive passengers.

Kenya Adopts New Aviation Regulations

Kenya's aviation sector accepted travel regulations that adhere to international norms as part of a new initiative to get the industry back into shape.

This came when the protocol to amend the convention on offenses and other acts while on aircraft was deposited with the documents of accession.

According to the new rules, disobeying crew orders on the use of electronics while on board is prohibited, and causing disruptive behavior that forces pilots to reroute planes will be punished.

Under the new regulations, it will also be an offense to consume alcohol and illegal narcotics while on board

Passengers who make unwanted and aggressive attempts toward cabin workers will now be charged in accordance with the protocols following the implementation of the new rules.

Those who damage the interior of the plane and vandalize airplane equipment will face consequences. The regulation will also target minor offenders who take airplane earpieces and other items with them after unplugging them.

Passengers from Kenya and other nationalities who travel the globe and end up endangering the security of other tourists will also be held accountable.

The new stringent regulations are intended to control incidents involving passengers who disregard the conduct guidelines while on the flight.

They also target passengers who have an engrained propensity to disobey crew members' directives and end up endangering safe flights.

The administration defended the decision to enact new aviation regulations by claiming that doing so was crucial to bringing order back to the sector.