Murathe: I am Not a Covid-19 Millionaire!!

David Murathe has now said that he was never involved in the business dealings of Kilig and Entec, the two firms at the center of the Ksh.7.8 billion KEMSA scandal.

Murathe: I am Not a Covid-19 Millionaire!!

Murathe appeared before the parliamentary committee on public investment on Thursday after he was summoned to appear last week.

The Jubilee vice-chairman maintained that he was only requested to be a signatory to Kilig Limited’s bank account so that Entec Technology Ltd would be compensated once KEMSA completed the procurement process.

When asked how he gave a guarantee without knowing the number of funds involved, he said he only guaranteed the supply of 50,000 PPE kits supplied by Entec to Kilig for supply to KEMSA.

“The use of the word guarantee was not contractual, it was simply a word of comfort that yes, I do know these people,” Murathe said “I am not and never been involved in the business of kilig or Entec, I had no way of influencing KEMSA to pay.”

Murathe also drew the Deputy President’s name into the matter by claiming that owned Kilig Limited is connected to DP Ruto.

“I am not the director of Killig, I did not receive a contract from KEMSA, and I did not supply KEMSA. Killig is a company owned by people connected to the DP; they approach people who can finance the company through the lawyer and transfer ownership to the new owners “Murathe explained.

Murathe is accused to have been involved in the KEMSA scandal which saw sh.7.8 Billion misused.