Ajib Gathoni And Josh Wonder Break-Up

Josh gives His Side of the story

Ajib Gathoni And Josh Wonder Break-Up
Ajib And Josh

Josh Wonder has taken it to social media to explain their break-up with his tik-toker gierlfriend. On his side, Josh has accused Ajib of cheating on him multiple time. Josh said that he before they moved in, he could drive her home and she got out to go to another man`s house for the night.

He said that he was suspicious of the cheating but he could not confront her until he had concrete proof. He however, revealed that hedid not expect the break-up. He said that it came at atime when the relationship was running smoothly.

"I stood with her even when things were not good for her. I did not expect this. Everything seemed to be fine, I did not see anything wrong."

" I could drive her home then she would get out of the house and go out, spend the night in a man`s house," Josh said.

He also said that Ajib, together with her elder sister had plans to sabbotage him and get him kicked out of his own house.

Fans are now waiting for Ajib`s side of the story.