Singing Through Your Pain

There is a certain power in music that the heart can never understand. As you go through your pain and try to find stability, let the music be the fire that burns your soul. Don't give any chances for pain and anger to take over you.

Singing Through Your Pain
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Allow me to introduce you to the lady whom I never saw her tears even in death. Nyouko was such a likable woman. She had soft brown skin, grey hair, and a calming smile. She hailed from God Mesa, Upper Nyakach, Kabete. She was the daughter of Ouko the king and Sarah. She knew Christ and was so deeply rooted in His word even in the greatest of storms.

She got married to Mzee Ernest and together they were blessed with eleven children, amongst them three ladies. She spent her early days working for the Lord and extended the same into her marriage life and up to her old age. She was one of the pioneers who saw the building and growth of more A.I.C churches in her area. With no education at all, she could read her Bible word by word and she was respected by many. In her mind was the clear history of the missionaries in and out of Nyakach. She worked with Bwana Innis, one of the white missionaries who introduced A.I.C in Nyakach.

She witnessed the forever departing of her six children and that of her husband too but never did I ever see her shade a tear. She would sing her way to healing. Sometimes, she would sing with so much joy with her hands lifted to the sky as if she was telling God, "here I am, take me home with you" or just to receive angels in her house. She knew every hymnal song, from number one to the last off mind. With a lot of resilience and serenity, she understood that God's healing was incomparable. She always said that in all that He does, His plans are always perfect.

With her vast range of knowledge, every song had its timing depending on the occasion and place. From thanksgiving songs to prayer songs, worship, and even praises. Any time was a singing time to her, even in the wee hours of the night. 

You are not any different dear friend, plead to God for your healing through songs of worship and praises. Let His songs take over your soul and live in your heart and I promise you, you'll forever feel an unmatched peace that this world has failed to give you. Music is also a prayer on its own but only when done the right way, with the right purposes. When pain seems to wound your soul and you just don't have the strength to pray anymore, sing! He will hear you from the heavens above and He will open His doors of healing that you much long for. All He needs from you is your total faith in Him and a word to Him mentioning that which you need Him to do for you. Yes, He already knows all that you're going through but He still needs to hear it from you as it is a sign of your trust in Him. Even if you've been praying over it for months, don't give up the faith. He's about to do something.

His word says that He never sleeps, neither does He slumber. He never tires of hearing our prayers. The sun will never harm us by day nor the moon by night. He preserves our going out and our coming in. Psalms 121.

Remember, a thanksgiving heart even in the worst of calamities softens the heart of God towards His children hence He gives us immediate answers to our questions.