It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Life has challenges that will through you into pain, thoughts and doubts. There will be times that you'll be at a place of peace. Live both seasons knowing that non is permanent.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

It's okay not to be okay because everything isn't going to work your way. You're going to break. You're going to be in positions you never applied for. People are never going to believe in you. Others will do all it takes to kill your light.

You thought you'd get that job that really matched your qualifications but you never did but at least you did your best. You thought your relationship was going to last forever but it never did because the person you were keeping wasn't willing to be kept... that's totally fine. You were so much eyeing that position but somehow somewhat, somebody else secured it...keep doing your best. There's a lesson that you're learning along the journey. You were never meant to be there so just wake up and stop giving a chance to bad moments to control you.

You've your life right before your face. Live it  knowing that negative and positive are both parts of every day life. In your tattered being, someone else is wishing they were you. Always try to find something that will make you feel better once you're done processing your pain. Learn to admit that you're not okay and stop the denial, it will steal your chance of feeling better or building yourself.