10 Signs to Know Your Girlfriend is Taking You for a ride as a Man

Love is believed to be a beautiful feeling and not one a man's show but what lovers fail to understand is that love can only be interesting if both two parties are participating.

10 Signs to Know  Your Girlfriend is Taking You for a ride as a Man

Below are the 10 reasons why you as a man should be ready to leave if you observe these in your relationship.


1. Ever busy to meet you: if you notice that your girlfriend is always busy meeting up with you for a talk or anything else, take your leave she is taking you for granted and there's someone she is paying attention to.


2. Always ignoring you: when you notice that whenever you call her, she does pick but you can see her active online, trust me you might be in that dating journey lonely.

3. Always broke: when a lady truly loves you, she will do everything beyond her reach including always paying for bills whenever you go out, but if she is always singing the broke narrative even if she is employed, believe me, she is yet to dump you soon.

4. Always comparing you with her mates: If a woman loves you, she won't compare you with her mates negatively no matter what you're passing through be it financially or emotionally.

5) If you call at night before sleeping to share sweet nothings and she always hangs up saying she is tired or sleepy, I mean ALWAYS, that's a big red flag.

6) if the only time she calls you is when she is broke and probably needs help from you. that is a sign that she doesn't love you but is interested in what you have.

7. Always a lonely party girl: When all she does is always go to clubs all by herself, my friend some writing might just be on the wall.

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8) If she has never called you before and told you that she loves you, or even in her text since you have been dating her, move on and don’t wait for the worst moment.

9) Not truthful: Of course, this is difficult to catch because men usually don't think rationally in front of a girl he likes. If you have noticed her with lies let her go, don't ever think you can change her.

10) Is she ashamed of the kind of job or business you are into? and because of that, she finds it difficult to introduce you to her friends, trust me she doesn't love you.