CJ Koome launches Children's Service Week To Clear Case Backlog

The Supreme Court has begun Children's Service Week under the leadership of Chief Justice Martha Koome.

CJ Koome launches Children's Service Week To Clear Case Backlog

The National Council on Administrative Justice requested the Children's Service Week last year.

CJ Koome, the council's chairperson, gave the order for the children’s service week, a week devoted to resolving children’s matters within the nation’s judicial system.

"You can hold me personally accountable for anything that happens to children in the Judicial system because I have instructed courts to prioritize children's cases," she said on Thursday.

Since children are among the most vulnerable people in the nation, Koome has stated that she is very dedicated about protecting their rights.

She explained that all courts must review all open matters involving children who have come into contact with the law in the previous six months during this week.

CJ Koome said the service week is to give priority to the backlog of cases involving children.

"Last year during the service week, we managed to solve 1,800 children's cases and help them to be where they are meant to be, at home, not in the system," the Chief Justice said.

Last year, Koome designated November as the month when the judiciary serves children in an effort to ensure swift resolution of their cases under the theme "A Justice system fit for children.

Koome said that the National Council on the Administration of Justice's (NCAJ) strategic plan, 2021–2026, includes a strategy for the judiciary to improve access to justice for children. This approach includes the establishment of the Annual Children Matters Service Week.