Ladies You're Lucky if You Have These Three Features in Your Body

Every girl wants to seem beautiful. Because of this, almost all women today use cosmetics and have plastic surgery in an effort to obtain the ideal level of beauty. Then there are the women that have divinely bestowed dimples or lucky moles, making them incredibly lovely.

Ladies You're Lucky if You Have These Three Features in Your Body
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Consider yourself exceedingly fortunate if you are a woman with such features since so few people really own any of these three qualities. 

1. Diastema /Gap Teeth

Diastema refers to the gap that exists between the two front teeth. Every woman should be grateful to have been granted a diastema since it is a lovely gift. This is true because a woman's grin is among her most alluring traits. These women are known to be brave and ambitious. Therefore, these ladies not only take their work seriously, but they also like to travel.

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2. Moles

They always exist on many parts of the body, including the nose, shoulder, upper and lower lips, forehead, and eyebrows. For instance, the upper lip one signifies fortune. It will make whoever owns it very wealthy in the future. Additionally, it represents stubbornness. If you value your luck, never attempt to remove your mole.

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3. Dimples

This is one of the many things a woman would be happy to own. There are those who usually have two and people who usually only have one. This accentuates a woman's beauty, particularly when she is joyful and grinning. Since she consistently appears to be grinning, even when there is no special need to, this kind of lady is immensely alluring to the majority of men.

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The presence of dimples is seen to be a sign of happiness, success, and good fortune. So consider yourself very fortunate if you even have one.


Beauty is subjective, but if you're a woman and have the aforementioned three physical characteristics, you should give thanks to God for the additional beauty you possess.