"Amedunga Macho YANGU" Man Sued By His Own Child

Mystery, woman has sued her husband for beating their daughter following a disagreement over school fees. Going by the reports, the woman's husband has admitted that he beat his daughter but he had not intending to hurt her.

"Amedunga Macho YANGU" Man Sued By His Own Child

Note, the reason why the husband beat his daughter is,

"his daughter splashed urine on him."

According to reports, the daughter's names are Marriam Kassim. While her father's names are Juma Kassim.

During the court session, the court heard that Juma Kassim committed the offense unlawfully but caused grievous harm to Marriam Kassim.

But Juma was granted a bond of Ksh200,000 with an alternative bail of Ksh50,000.

The case will be heard again if the two don't settle the matter off court.

What's shocking, the Daughter's mom isn't willing to drop the case. On the other side, Juma had stated that he had separate with his wife.

Therefore, he wants to use his daughter to punish him.

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