Class Teacher Charged With Sodomizing Student

On Tuesday, a class teacher from a public school in Kibera was charged with sodomizing a student in school.

Class Teacher Charged With Sodomizing Student

The accused allegedly committed the crime on September 10 in Kirigu, Mutuini in the Nairobi County district of Dagoretti.

According to the court documents, the teacher had asked the student to avail himself to school for a CBC assignment on September 9

He was accused of violating the Sexual Offenses Act by engaging in an indecent act with a minor on a second count.

The accused approached the youngster on September 9 and instructed him to show up at school on September 10 for a CBC assignment, according to the court documents.

The student showed up as instructed, but when he got there, he was startled to see that he was the only student in the school's grounds.

He then went to the office, where the suspect asked him to wait for him for a little while in a certain class.

When the teacher went to the said class, he quickly undressed, threatened, and molested the minor.

He was apprehended after the school's deputy president noticed what was going on and alerted the employees, who then trapped him and called the police.

The charges against the accused were brought before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Boke, but he refuted them.

The accused begged for a short bond period and was released on a Sh 500,000 bond with a matching surety.