Should Bobby Shmurda be termed as a Flop?

Bobby Shmurda’s release back in February was perceived to be one of the biggest news all year. His release date for years was heavily anticipated by many Hip-hop fans and the hype around his comeback was expected to eclipse Tekashi 6ix9ine but barely 9 months in it seems that the 27-year old rapper might just be rubbed of as another flop.

Should Bobby Shmurda be termed as a Flop?

Bobby first tasted the outside world in February after being behind bars for six years. His release sent the Hip-hop community into a frenzy, having been locked up only 6 months into his breakout into the industry with his worldwide hit ‘Hot Nigga’.

Many were waiting on his new music, eager to see what he had in store for them. His first track ‘No time for sleep’ dropped 6 months after his release and is currently doing fairly well with 9M streams on Spotify and 12M views on You Tube. He dropped another track, Cartier Lens which has is recent track, 700k streams on Spotify and 600k+ views on You Tube. His most recent one, which was dropped about a week ago, Splash is currently at 230k views on You Tube and 300k streams on Spotify. This are rookie numbers compared to his pre-arrest.

A lot of backlash has gone his way with fans criticizing his new flow. This version of Bobby is soft spoken compared to the aggressive, hardcore-gangster that was ruling the streets in 2014.

Most fans assumed that having served time for 6 years, he would have or was writing new tracks while serving time but that might not have been the case. The most ideological or best way to capitalize on his music was if he released the records immediately he was free as the hype was far from being dusted but at the moment the fire has died down. His flow has significantly changed from the ’14 version and why not? Times have changed and so much happens in a span of 6 years specifically being in prison where you are kind of detached from the real world.

Currently he is trying to make up for lost time, indulging in the pleasures the rap world has to offer. I mean he did lose half of his 20s locked up so he is trying to have as much fun as possible to quench that thirst, that hunger he had of the world when he was locked up. He may have fumbled the bag but at the end of the day what’s important is that he enjoys what he’s doing which at the moment he is. All what the Hip-hop community can hope for is that he’ll revert to his old self and quench the thirst of his fans as they patiently waited for him all these years.