Contaminated Food on the Shelves

Consumers warned that the pork and chicken from supermarkets could be contaminated

Contaminated Food on the Shelves
Contaminated food on shelves

Kenya Medical Research Institute, (KEMRI) recently connducted a research after which they found out that 98.4% of pork and 96.6% were contaminted from the 393 samples taken. 

Patterns of bacteria were discovered from the samples which were obtained from a leading retail outlets  in Kenya. Among the 611 bacterial isolates 38.5% was found to be multi-drug resistant.

The contamination discovered was could be through the extensive use of anti-biotics used in preservation and growth promotion used in chicken and pigs. 

Supermarkets were adviced to adhere to hygenic principles during handling and processing of pork and chicken. They said that this would help reduce potential risk of microbial contamination.