Crime Watch Urges Police to Work with Boda Boda Men in Curbing Insecurity

The crime watch in Kenya is now urging police officers to work hand in hand with bodaboda operators in curbing increased insecurity cases in Kenya. This comes after viral CCTV footage of armed robbers using motorbikes to steal from innocent Kenyans have been on the rise.

Crime Watch Urges Police to Work with Boda Boda Men in Curbing Insecurity

The society urged the bodaboda operators to work swiftly with the personnel to protect their reputation.

"We call upon Boda Boda men and Kenyans, in general, to work closely with security agents to smoke out criminals committing crimes against our mothers, brothers, and sisters".

The crime Watch reported a case that happened in Kilimani on Monday 14th where a phone snatcher was bitten and killed by bodaboda operators.

"Enough is enough as citizens take on criminal gangs, yesterday a man tried to snatch someone's phone in Kilimani but boda boda men gave him instant justice, police had to go and collect lifeless body. Operation clean up in Nairobi has started".


"Each of us is a victim of crime in one way or another and we must stand firm against the vice. Police, on the other hand, must work closely with boda boda men and the business community within their areas, they need to exchange their contacts for an immediate and timely response. This will help in responding to distress calls from the citizens timely".

 The Crime Watch also urged Kenyans to get out of their comfort zone and work together in reducing the unforgiving criminals who have been terrorizing the lives of Kenyans across the country.

"This is the way to go, as peace-loving Kenyans we can't be spectators, watching criminals gangs robbing and terrorising innocent fellow Kenyans. If police fear arresting these rogue gangs, citizens have a right to defend themselves. Let these thugs stop or their lives  cut short".