Detective Jane Mugo Heartbroken Months After Engagement

Jane Mugo, a private investigator, took to Facebook to announce her heartbreak months after being engaged to an army man with the Kenya Defense Forces on July 13, 2022.

Detective Jane Mugo Heartbroken Months After Engagement
Mugo posted a depressing message about her lover having several other women behind her back. She revealed that she learned about her lover's other women on the day of her engagement but chose to ignore it.
"When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulatory messages from my followers, media streams enemies, family & friends. The same day I received Dm ( disturbing sms) photos from Four women," Mugo stated.

Jane Mugo and her husband. PHOTO FILE

Jane stated that the four women who had sent some messages to her were from USA, Pokot, Kisumu, and Kitale. The four women were bitter about her engagement with her lover but chose to spill the truth about what was transpiring.
Mugo further revealed that her lover played him online and during that period, she had been admitted to the hospital after being kidnapped.
"All this happened when I was bedridden in a hospital after the kidnap and I later joined campaigns so I was busy but we spoke daily. He did it online. I choose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage stand," Mugo stated.
Mugo revealed that apart from her friends who had noticed and complained about her husband's behavior, her in-laws and close family members had also noticed that he had not changed months after being officially engaged.
Mugo stated that all she demanded from her husband was the respect which she did not get and chose to part ways with him.
She even went ahead and stated that she would return all the gifts that she had been given by her lover including the engagement ring.
"I am returning the ring & all gifts to the sender. It's not worthy of fighting for. You still claim to love and respect me," Mugo stated.
She further thanked her online family for being concerned with her and telling her the truth about her lover.

After four years of secret dating, detective Jane Mugo said yes to marrying her man in July, and she posted pictures of her engagement on her Facebook page.

The private investigator stated that she had never shared her personal relationship story online, but she felt it was time to declare that she was no longer single. Her fans congratulated her and wished her well. She had also hinted on getting married to the lover before the end of the year.