Diana & Bahati's 3rd Born IG Account Surpases 9k Followers

Shortly after Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati and his wife Diana Marua received their bundle of joy, the power couple opened an Instagram account for their newborn baby.

Diana & Bahati's 3rd Born IG Account Surpases 9k Followers
Diana & Bahati

Taking to her Instagram account, the youtube queen revealed that they received their beautiful girl, Malaika Nyambura Bahati on November 1 at 10.52 a.m at Komarock modern hospital, Nairobi. Bahati also revealed that they received their bouncing baby girl after Diana Marua underwent a cesarian section.

Little Malaika's account gained more than 9,000 new followers hours after it was opened. The account which has only one post of the baby's photo has already gained more than 10,000 likes and 502 comments.

According to the profile on the page, it seems Malaika's parents are the ones managing the account as the account has followed 6 people only from Bahati's family. The account profile picture shows Diana holding Malaika while at the hospital.

It is clear that the newborn baby is most likely to be in the limelight just like the other Bahati's kids and family members. 

Just a day before the two receive their child, Bahati took to social media stating that he was still confused about what name they would give to their newborn.

"To My Daughter... It's Time, I Know you will be here any minute from Now but the Sãd thing is that Daddy & Mummy have not yet settled on a good Name for you Princess,"  Bahati stated.

Diana and Bahati now have three children Majesty Bahati, Heaven Bahati, and Malaika Bahati. Apart from the three, Bahati also has an adopted son Morgan Bahati.

Bahati and his family. PHOTO FILE