Disadvantages of Strict Parenting

Disadvantages of Strict Parenting

Disadvantages of  Strict Parenting
Disadvantages of Strict Parenting

Parents have different ways of upbringing their children. Some go soft on their kids, whereby their children go away with mistakes whilst some parents are strict and barely nothing goes past them. Either way, parents do what they think is best for their children. 

However,each side of the parenting have positive side and negative sides.

Disadvantages of strict parenting

Lowers a child`s self esteem - Strict parents tend to 'oversee'  matters and their mode of discipline is mostly by punishing them. Such children usually have a certain fear even among people. They are unable to stand up for themselves, making them easy to pick on. Such kids barely know how to express their feelings even when hurt. 

They Instill Fear-  When a parent is too strict, they are obviously take over the whole space with their ranting or ordering around. The children, in return will do anything to be perfect. Their actions are not as a result of fear. 

Antisocial behaviours-  Such children carry an anger around them that is to their disadvantage to themselves and those around them. To top it all, once they are out of parents sight and are in spaces on their own, they tend to be rebellious and aggressive. 

Insecurity- Reseach has it that due to fear and lack  of a person to confine in, and especially the inabillity to speak out, such children grow to be insecure about their private lives. They would rather get consumed in their sorrows than sharing.

Liars-  While you think that you are bringing out the atmost best discipline to your child by being harsh, you might as well be raising a perfect liar. This is because they will grow to learn how to escape punishment in which it is mostly by lying. 

They miss out on opportunities-  In today`s world, opportunities open up to those who know how to burgain. If a child has not been brought up in an environment that they are listened to, it might be equaly difficult for them to speak out. 

The best solution is to lighten up and allow your children 'experience' life. This means that you will sit and reason with them. Punish where necessary and also let go. Create a trustworthy space between you and your child.