Earn Money Writing About Uncomfortable Romance

According to the Romance Writers of America®, the romance fiction industry is worth $1.08 billion dollars a year. This is one of the highest paying industries from inspirational writing.

Earn Money Writing About Uncomfortable Romance

1. Professional dating profile writer

  • Craft online dating profile for clients on Fiverr
  • Find a gig on DatingProfilewriter.com.

2. Write romantic greeting cards

  • Write romantic greeting cards and sell them at Etsy for $10 each.
  • Write romantic greetings cards for companies on a freelance basis, earning a flat rate of $300–$500 a month.

3. Write romantic fiction novels

  • Scripted.com hires write for adult content.
  • Check Upwork for Romance writing gigs.
  • A1 Adult SEO pays$20 for 1000 words.

4. Self Publish romance novels

  • Self-publishing is the best way to follow if you want to grow as a brand and a niche writer in uncomfortable romance.
  • You will as well gain money by selling your books on Amazon, Goodreads and other sites.