How I Started Freelancing In 1 Day

This started back in December 2017. I was going on holiday but I was very broke. What can I do with my smartphone to earn me some cash? This is the question I had in mind every day. One day I perused the internet and came across an app by the name Truelancer. Quickly I filled in the details and that’s how I started out.


Have you been wondering how to start your freelancing career? You definitely possess the skills, but you don’t have any insights on how to go about it. Then don’t worry, I will share my journey in freelancing.

This was like a prayer answered to me. I started bidding and frequently awarded jobs. This was my first online money worth $100. I realized I had the skills needed to work.

Most young people are always redundant to start their freelancing jobs due to fear of failure and disappointment. Others are ignorant and believe that you need a lot of training, which is not true.

How do you get freelancing to kick start your career then? It’s simple, you just need the following basic;-

1. Believe In Yourself

When you are unemployed, most of your thoughts are negative. So believe in yourself and start your first freelancing job. The biggest hindrance to you and your job is yourself. With that, you can be able to apply for freelancing jobs.

2. Create Your Profile and Portfolio

Sign up at freelancing sites freelancer, Toogit, Fiver, Upwork, Writers bay e.t.c and create your profile and portfolio on a good freelancing website. All that matters to you is how productive you will be to their client to get paid. I have been working on these sites and they can, therefore, work for you too.

Prepare your bid in a way that relates it to the client's need. This will catch the attention of the reader and it is of a high probability that they will award you the job.

3. Choose a niche

You might feel ready to take ANY paid work you can get your hands on since you are new to freelancing. However, as you get deeper into your freelancing career, you need to be specific about the work you can do and the clients you take on.

This is important because when you specialize, you become an expert in a specific field. An expert can charge more for their specialized services. Hence, you will increase your client base and sorting jobs out becomes easier.

4. Level up your skills

Practice a lot using your new skills by building the projects that you want to eventually be paid to work on. For example, you can start writing about your favourite movie. The more you can differentiate yourself from a sea of competition with cool side projects, the easier way to establish your client base.

Take some courses online like social media marketing in EDX. this will help get acquainted with skills that are highly competitive in the market. Ensure that you are conversant with the skills that are not over-flooded.

The above 4 skills have assisted me in earning over $100 through freelancing.