Generous Vera

Vera Sidika Act Of Generosity

Generous Vera
Socialite Vera Sidika

The socialite has been known for a lot of things but generosity is not easily associated with her name. The mother of two exited her fans after responded to a fan in her Dms. The lady borrowed her Ksh.200 for supper. 

Vera said that her heart is of gold and that she does not ignore her dms. and more specifically, she could not ignore the desperate mother who could not feed her family.  She also noted that the woman had a fuliza she had to settle.

Though the deed seemed an act of generosity, some still cursed the fact that she posted it on her social media. According to them, it was wrong to post all the details and that she should have just helped her silently.

Vera was unbothered by the mean comments and advised her fans to never ignore messages, especially the desperate ones.