How Far Would You Go For Love?

A South Sudanese man runs a 90km ultramarathon to propose to his fiancé. The huge show of love made rounds on social media and got people talking and questioning their love tactics.

How Far Would You Go For Love?

The 57-year-old man, identified as Joseph Kagiso, got social media into a frenzy with him been trending on social media for days now.

He was pictured holding a banner written,” WILL YOU MARRY ME? Run 90km for you.” as he was approaching the finishing line of the Comrades Marathon on Sunday.

People on social media have been discussing it, and posing the question,” how far would you go for love?”

Mr.Kagiso told reporters that Prudence, his girlfriend, was in attendance and that they have been dating for a year and he planned to marry her.

He added saying that this was his seventh time participating in the marathon, but after a two-year hiatus Prudence was the reason for his participation.

Its not clear if she accepted the request and this has fueled speculations and conspiracies on social media and even led to some on social media to personally seek her to get her response.