North Korea Vs The US

North Korea claims more than 80,000 locals are willing to join the fight against the US.

North Korea Vs The US
Korea Vs The US

According to reports by a North Korea Magazine, about 80,000 citizents have volunteered to join in the North Korea-US fights. The citizens include students and worker. The team announced their willingness to fight for their country on Friday alone. 

North Korea had earlier, on Thursday launched its Hwasong-17 Intercontinental Balistic Missile,(ICBM), respomnding to the ongoing attacks between the two countries

The ICBM was fired between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The missiles are banned under the United Nations Security Council , thus the launch atracted condemnations from Seoul, Washington and Tokyo. South Korean and American Forces started an 11 days joint drills which they called "Freedom Shield 23".