Pastor Ezekiel Arrested

Pastor Ezekiel arrested amidst Kilifi cult investigations

Pastor Ezekiel Arrested
pastor Ezekiel arrested

Pastor Ezekiel Odero has been arrested earlier today, April 27 over allegations of Kilofi cult and his church cleared. The coast Regional Commisioner, Onyancha,said that the arrest followed reported deaths that have been happening from his church.

This comes after the pastor recorded a statement with the Kilifi DCI on Tuesday amidst investigations. The series of investigations has linked Milele funeral homes in Kilifi. Johnson Amani Kea, the CEO of Milele homes said that there have been interogations with the police regarding the number of bodies from pastor Ezekiel`s church.

Johnson has also cleared the air, saying that they did not call the police on the pastor. 

Investigations on Pastor Ezekiel comes at a time where the controvasial pastor Mackenzie is also being investigated. The latter is also said to be a leader of a cult where he made his followers sterve to death, burry people alive among other claims