SC Ahmednasir Commends DP Rigathi for Surprising Komarock Students With 300k

Hours after deputy president Rigathi Gachagua paid a surprise visit to Komarock Primary School on November 29 to inspect the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams, lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi came out to praise him for what he offered the students.

SC Ahmednasir Commends DP Rigathi for Surprising Komarock Students With 300k

Taking to his Twitter account, SC Ahmednasir applauded the DP for being a person who connected with ordinary Kenyans especially when it comes to helping and being part of them.

"DP Rigathi is the quintessential Kenyan politician who effortlessly connects with ordinary Kenyans," SC Abdullahi stated.

During the tour, while addressing the students and the staff in the school, DP Rigathi stated that he would offer Kshs. 300,000 to fund a party for the candidates after they were done with the exams. He also added Kshs. 100,000 which the teachers would use to celebrate at the end of the exams.

"After you are through with your exams, I will give the headteacher Kshs300,000 so that after the exams you can come and have a bash,"  Rigathi stated.

He also went ahead to encourage the students as they sat for their final exams and wished them luck.

“We are here to encourage you and to wish you well. We want to ask you to be focused, an exam is just an exam and you are on your path to destiny,” the DP stated.

DP Rigathi during a visit at Komarock Primary School, Embakasi Central, Nairobi. TWITTER

DP Rigathi's surprise comes just hours after he announced a pay bill number for Kenyans to use to send donations to drought-affected families in the country.

This has sparked outrage among Kenyans, with some claiming that instead of DP Rigathi offering such a large sum of money to Komarock students and teachers for an after-exam party, he should have directed the funds to drought-stricken families rather than asking Kenyans to contribute.

Here are some screengrabs about what Kenyans had to say.