Reactions As Charlene Ruto Hints on the Existence of the 'Office of the First Daughter'

Charlene Ruto, President William Ruto's second-born daughter, has recently made headlines for the activities in which she has been involved. Charlene Ruto revealed the existence of the 'Office of the First Daughter' in a video that has since gone viral.

Charlene revealed as she introduced a section of her staff and Kenyans on Twitter could not keep calm. Many Kenyans have come out to make comments regarding the matter with some being amazed at how the office came into existence since no child of a Kenyan president has ever established that.

Charlene's revelation comes days after she stated that her father, President William Ruto had asked her to be the head of the Office of the First Daughter. She further added that more offices would emerge so as to help the youths in the country.

"Due to my father's commitment to the youth, he asked me to head the Office of the First Daughter. Soon he will establish the Office of the First Son and the First Nephew in line with the hustle," Charlene stated.

Here are some screengrabs about what Kenyans had to say.

Charlene Ruto announced on December 11, that her father had given her permission to visit county governments during her countrywide tour. She revealed that her father approves of her presence at high-level meetings with county bosses and other prominent officials. The president's daughter stated at the Daystar Alumni Association Christmas Party that her father is aware of her cause in the counties.

Recently, Charlene Ruto also had a meeting with various artists, leaders, and celebrities during the launch of her foundation, the Charlene Ruto Foundation. Her foundation mainly aims to help the less privileged in society. The program marked it's first step after distributing various Christmas gifts to Kibera residents.