The Naked Truth?

How Uhuruto duo looks in the eyes of Wanjiku!

The Naked Truth?

The Kenyan politics is marred with promises of a better future. Most of them are clichés depicting the sufferings of Wanjiku and how the election of a particular party/ group will help alleviate the conditions of our current economic status, the hope of job creation for the youth and improvements on education, infrastructure, health and agricultural sectors.

In 2013 the famous Uhuruto duo came into play, they brought new meaning to the word “brotherhood” their charisma. The big 4 agenda was all we needed for a better and brighter Kenya ahead. Young and old were filled with array of hope, at last a savior for our Nation has been found!

Although the duo won again for their second term, a new sibling was born through handshake for the sake of peace. As a result, the Big 4 agenda died and tunes of reggae music filled the air. The great fallout in their second term looked like a bad dream. How could this happen? What happened to the brotherhood spirit? The brothers were scattered, the cabinet was reshuffled, new leaders were appointed in parliament, new formations in the political arena began.

A story is told, one day the Truth and the Lie decided to take a bath together. When they were all soaped up the Lie took off with the Truth’s cloths. Imagine the Truth trying to explain what happened when he is naked to his supporters, while the Lie was busy masquerading as the Truth. This is exactly how Uhuruto duo looks in the eyes of Wanjiku especially now campaigning against each other. As of who speaks the truth or lies against the other, I leave that to your judgement.