Uganda fears Spread of Marburg Virus

Uganda fears Infection of a dangerous disease after Tanzania reports .

Uganda fears Spread of Marburg Virus

Marbug virus has been reported and spreading inTanzania with cases of death. The disease is said to cause severe fever and is accompanied by bleeding and organ failure. Uganda has called out to Health officers for screening along their border to Tanzania against the Danderous Marbug Virus.

Henry Mwebesa, who is the director general of health services in Uganda has advised the locals to be on the lookout. He also penned a letter to all district officers regarding the screening. He has also directed that all visitors and all points of entry should be screened . 

At least 5 deaths have been reported in Tanzania,3 are still in hospitals and 161 contacts are being investigated by the authorities. 

The Marburg virus was reported to be part of the Filovirus which also includes Ebola. Uganda had experienced first Marburg attack in 2017. 

The virus was first identified in Marbug Germany and it was believed the victims had contacted from green monkeys imported from Uganda.