Know Your Star: Winnie Bwire, Popularly known as Dida

Dida came into light after being featured in Citizen Tv`s series_ Sultana

Know Your Star: Winnie Bwire, Popularly known as Dida
Actress Winnie Bwire

Winnie Bwire is popular for her screen role as Dida from Citizen Tv`s series Sultana. She is loved and celebrated not only for her screen work but also for her strength. 

Dida opened up about her personal journey in fighting breast cancer, a revelation that shocked many and also encouraged others. Hard as it sounds, Dida said that she tries balancing between work, family duties and her health.

While talking to Youtuber Lynn Ngugi, Winnie took her through her journey from how she suspected her health was not good, to finding treatment and also to accepting and living with her condition. 

"I did not experience pus coming out of my breast, or blood or a pimple to know that I had breast cancer like they always say. Those are last symptoms. For me, it started with my hands swelling and I would really get fatigued but I thought it was due to work. While on my menses, I felt my heartbeat from my undearm with so much pain. On the second month, I received my periods but the pain was still there," She recounted. 

After the pain went on, she resulted to seeking medical assistance and went for a scan but the initial results came out normal. The pain persisted and she again went for more investigations including a biopsy and  a CT scan from which her fears were confirmed.

At first, Winnie was in denial and as a solution- oriented person she is, she googled a way out and would often suggest solution to her doctor. At first, only her close family knew about it and she went through it alone, since she did not want pity from anyone. 

"I lost so much weight and people online bullied me without even knowing what I was going through. At this time, I kept myself busy to escape realiity," she explained. 

Her ex- fiance, Dan was always there to hold her hand and gave her a shoulder to lean on. Eventhough the two are no longer together, Dida says that she will always acknowledge him and see him as a friend

Winnie has urged people to be mindful of their health and watch their diet and lifestyle. She has promised to start a health related documentary to raise awareness about healthy eating and disease management.